About Us

Anthony Armstrong

Anthony has been riding and training horses for most of his life. A champion calf roper and all around cowboy are just a few of his accomplishments. He has had many years experience working with cattle and taking care of them especially since he also owns some beef cattle and comes from a family that raised cows.  Anthony  owns a fence building company, Armstrong Fence Co., that keeps him very busy.   In the afternoons and weekends you'll find him and son, Cody, riding or team roping together.  Anthony's wife, Lisa, raises miniature horses.  They also have a daughter Ashlea.

These are some  of the many horses Anthony has trained.  He always has colts he is training for roping. 



Walter Graham

Walter has been riding horses and worked on cattle farms for many years.  He is one of the best when it comes to catching cows. Most of the time you will find Walter at team ropings all over the country.


Walter has won numerous saddles, buckles, and a truck for his team roping skills.



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